psychologist5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling and What to Expect

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5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling and What to Expect

Everyone goes through a rough patch in a marriage or even a relationship. You might feel like you have lost connection, which results in frequent arguments and failing to impress your viewpoints. Resentment and tension may increase between couples due to unresolved issues.

When things start to feel overwhelming, it may be time to consider seeking professional marriage counselling to navigate complexities and strengthen your bond. The agenda of every session is to learn, thrive, and create the best version of yourself and your partner. Keeping the love and affection you have for each other as the main focus will make your marriage happily ever faster.

Let’s have a closer look at prominent signs that indicate you need marriage counselling.

  1. Absence of Communication

You and your partner hardly speak to each other about thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Does this sound familiar to you? Your home environment is either too loud or silent. If that’s the case, it might be helpful to consult a trained psychologist to assess the situation and obtain guidance on how to effectively talk to each other and work through issues.

  1. Lack of Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Maybe at once, your relationship used to be filled with passion and loads of love. But now you have seen the romance frizzle, it might be due to a lack of interest by either one or both parties. It is ideal to seek counselling to discuss your concerns and restore a spark in your relationship.

  1. You Often Argue on Trivial Matters

If arguments in a negative tone become a daily affair, it will adversely affect your relationship. When you and your partner have an argument, one of you is likely to feel disregarded, misunderstood, judged, or less secure. Marriage counselling can help you understand each other’s perspective and work through your issues to ensure healthy communication.

  1. The Trust has been Broken

Have you suspected your partner of lying? Perhaps, there has been infidelity in many forms. Things get difficult when you start to keep secrets from each other. You may see your partner as your enemy and feel you both are on a different side. When a partner develops a reliance on someone else outside, it is an indication to seek couples therapy.

  1. You Want Your Spouse to Change

When you think your partner needs to change certain things, such as lifestyle, eating habits, and many others, this means you are not happy in your marriage. It is natural for partners to expect some changes in each other. But that doesn’t mean your partner can change his/her basic traits.

All these signs indicate an underlying problem, which leads to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and disappointment. Acquiring marriage counselling in Dubai from a clinical psychologist, Nikita Barretto could be an effective step towards healing and strengthening your relationship in multiple ways.

What kind of Marriage Counselling Techniques are Available?

  • Gottman Method– It focuses on building relationships through crucial elements like trust, sharing, commitment, positive perspective, and conflict management. It improves affection and respect for each other and thus, keeps the conflict discussion calm.
  • Narrative Therapy– It encourages you to explore your problem and develop a positive perspective to improve your bond. It builds a narrative by connecting various events happening in your life.
  • Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy– It focuses on the identification and expansion of emotional reactions to carry out effective communication and develop a tight bond.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy– It combines behavioural, spiritual, and Western psychological therapies. It identifies the root of negative behavioural patterns and emotions to help you interact with your spouse and resolve conflicts.
  • Communication Therapy– Both verbal and non-verbal communication is vital in a marriage. Open and honest communication lets you convert conflicts into constructive interaction and avoid chances of misinterpretation.

Does Marriage Counselling Work for Everyone?

Every marriage has a few problems. Some may be able to secure a happier relationship with love and mutual efforts, while for others, the gap may widen over time. Marriage counselling work for those who are willing to bring change in their bond, stay consistent, and be ready to resolve their conflicts.

Initiating therapy at first can be difficult and overwhelming. But once you join our session, you will start to see progress. Just talking to someone professional in a safe and supportive environment in itself promotes serenity and harmony.

Our session aims to establish a non-judgmental space to facilitate personal growth and create a meaningful purpose for life.

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