Couple Therapist Dubai

Couple Therapist Dubai

Couple’s Therapy in Dubai

Many couples struggle in their relationship, due to miscommunication, individual traumas, infidelity, etc. At some point in time, couples may require a potential solution to work through relationship challenges and find a balanced way of living with each other.

I, Nikita Barretto am an experienced and qualified couples therapist in Dubai, taking the best advantage of my multicultural experience to understand relationship issues and support them throughout their healing journey. If you find yourself or your partner struggling to communicate effectively, are feeling angry and exhausted, or simply want to work towards a healthy relationship, I am here to assist you.

Through researched strategies using the Gottman method of couple’s counselling, therapeutic solutions, and positive communication, I will help you to re-establish faith, affection, and happiness in your relationship.

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    Couple’s Therapy to Understand Each Other Better
    A primary goal of couples counselling is to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, identify strengths and weaknesses, and increase intimacy. Being the best couple therapist in Dubai, I will help you to develop a better connection and take accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

    I ensure to establish a safe space for couples to examine, discuss their conflicts and develop a new form of open and honest communication. Every individual is capable of creating a life and relationship they desire and my job is to support them through their complexities and create an empowering, fulfilling life.

    How Couples Therapy Could Help You?
    As a skilled couple therapist in Dubai, I encourage couples to look through their relationship goals and identify unhealthy patterns, toxic behaviours, and possible strengths that can be used to prevent major conflicts. I work closely with you to find the best way of communication and create a compassionate environment where you can discuss your concerns.

    • Do you and your partner fight and argue constantly?
    • Do you fear intimacy and place boundaries for love?
    • Are you in a toxic relationship?
    • Have you fallen out of love and are confused about how to move forward?
    • Do you find your partner changed over time and is no longer compatible?
    • Has communication and affection in your relationship died?

    Get in touch to know how couple’s therapy can benefit you and your partner!

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