Marriage Counselling Dubai

Marriage Counselling Dubai

Marriage Counselling in Dubai – Regain Happiness, Trust, and Thrive

It is quite common to experience problems throughout the course of any relationship but when it begins to affect your happiness and overall quality of life, you need a professional intervention to overcome these difficulties. That is where I as a marriage counsellor and a couple’s therapist can support you and your partner.

With my eclectic experience working with multinational couples on Dubai, I comprehend that every relationship is unique and so are their problems. Every relationship has its own ups and down but you need to focus on recovering from roadblocks along the way. And that’s why I am committed to crafting bespoke treatment plans for individual issues to enable you to address your triggers and work on bringing value to your bond.

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    Factors affecting Relationships
    Relationship issues are generally caused by a gradual build-up of frustration, anger, resentment etc. mostly due to lack of communication, commitment, trust, love and friendship. Some of the factors affecting relationships are

    • Physical, verbal, psychological abuse
    • Jealously
    • Infidelity
    • Bereavement
    • Birth of a baby or responsibility of raising a child
    • Issues with parents and in-laws
    • Financial worries
    • Work stress
    • Anger issues
    • Lack of trust and understanding

    All of these issues may further result in anxiety, stress, increased arguments, low self-esteem, and communication breakdowns.

    Get Marriage Counselling to Understand Each Other Better
    A goal of Marriage Counselling therapy is to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication, identify the true strength of yourself and your partner, and increase your level of understanding. I strive to encourage married couples to examine the vision of their relationship and take accountability for their behaviours, feelings, and thoughts.

    Using the Gottman’s method of couples counselling, my approach to therapy constitutes of:

    • Unextending and evaluation the root causes of the problem.
    • Identify the individual personality factors affecting the relationships
    • Building a structured plan to rebuild the connection, closeness, and faith.
    • Working with each individual to address their concerns and resolve them through clear communication.
    • Aligning future individual goals and visions to bring more respect.
    • Supporting couples equally at every step to overcome marriage problems like affairs, aggression, divorce, loss of connection, lack of intimacy, and cultural differences.

    I always strive to create a comfortable environment for couples to evaluate, discuss, and express their conflicts to develop a deeper connection and to have more effective forms of communication.

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